The Hate U Give Review

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

Wow! Just wow! I literally devoured this book in a matter of 2 (and 1/2) short days. I absolutely loved this book. Angie Thomas produced a cast of characters that brought real life right out of the pages and stared you in the face! I also felt this book was timely and relevant to the world and the happenings in it right now.

In this book, 16 year old Starr rides a fine line of being black and living in a black neighborhood while also attending a private school being only 1 of 2 blacks in her grade level. High School is hard enough, but add to it her inability to completely fit into either mold, also dating a white guy, and hiding that from her Daddy, but when she sees her friend be shot by a white police officer, she faces the do’s and don’t’s of what to share, what to tell, who to tell on, and how to best “use your voice” to stand up for what you believe in.

This book is a true masterpiece and should be read by all! Definitely a 5-star read for me! Thank you, Angie Thomas, for bringing so much to light! I can’t wait to read “On The Come Up!” While not a sequel to “The Hate U Give”, it shares a similar focus of young teen girls growing up in the same neighborhood. I’m excited to see if any of the same characters are in that one, too!


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