The Best Kind of People

The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall

Hey there and Happy 4th! I finished up this beauty today and thought I’d post and share! This is the first novel I’ve read by Zoe Whittall. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a favorite, but I still found it to be a very interesting read! 3.5 stars!

Unfortunately, I didn’t find this one to be all the rave that others did, but again, I’m sharing MY opinion. I personally thought the book started off strong and held lots of meaningful debate surrounding sexual misconduct, family issues surrounding crimes and privilege, and the impact these have on everyone involved. However, as the book continued, I felt there were points of the book that drug on and held little to no value. I also found that the book had so many things going on, it was just like things were coming at you from every direction, and in the end, I didn’t feel that there was enough attention given to closing those issues up and finishing them out, the outcomes were just dropped into a chapter.

Overall, I would recommend this book to those willing to read a novel that contains valuable insight as to how our behavior impacts others.


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