Marriage on Madison Avenue review

Marriage on Madison Avenue by Lauren Layne

You all know I’ve given glowing reviews for the first two books of this series and this one is no different. Lauren Layne has done a beautiful job wrapping up the final story of these three lovely ladies .

In the final story of the Central Park Pact Series, Audrey and Clarke fight the long battle of going from friends to lovers. As a matter of fact, after an unfortunate post on social media about Audrey, they devise a plan to fake a proposal. But are they really faking it? Can friends remain friends once you get that close, or is there no turning back?

I absolutely loved this final book and I genuinely enjoy revisiting old characters, so this was aa win-win for me! This book, as did the first two, earned 5 stars from me! If you love a sweet romance with a little humor and battle of the wills, make sure you pick up this series. And while you can read them each as stand-alones, why not enjoy them as they were intended!


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