The Heir Affair review

The Heir Affair by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan

Another fabulous read by the authors of The Royal We!!! The Royal We came highly recommended by a fellow bookstagramer and I instantly fell in love. It carried so many William and Kate and Harry vibes that I just couldn’t resist. Of course, this was all before Harry met Meghan!

If you haven’t read The Royal We, I highly suggest you run, don’t walk ,to pick that lovely up before grabbing this sequel to finish the story out! This book definitely contained twists and turns that were most unexpected and I thoroughly enjoyed spending my hot, sweaty, humid, summer weekend days in my new reading digs with my partner, Otis, while reading this fantastic Royal Read!

This book definitely earned 5 stars from me, much like it’s predecessor, and once you read it, I’m sure you’ll agree!


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