The Sun Does Shine review

The Sun Does Shine: How I Found Life and Freedom on Death Row by Anthony Ray Hinton

Such a captivating tale shared by Anthony Ray Hinton about his life on death row and the great fight to leave there a free man! Definitely 5-stars!

It began in Alabama in the summer of 1985. Anthony Ray Hinton, a poor black man born and raised in Alabama was arrested and convicted for murder. And so began his journey to free himself, a wrongly convicted felon facing the death penalty on death row. He would go on to spend nearly 30 years on death row, chronicling his days and years, his ups and downs, the friendships made and the dark periods he experienced and shares it all in this captivating tell-all book about his hopes and dreams to one day walk out of prison a free man.

While hard to read at times, this book is a glowing example of all the things that are wrong with our judicial system and highlights the many opportunities the state of Alabama had to right the wrong that had been done to this man.


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