The Swap review

The Swap by Robyn Harding

Wow! What a drama this one was! This is the newest release by Robyn Harding and it was truly intriguing. It recently released in June, so you should be able to find it…make sure you do! It was a 4-star read for me!

This book had it all…sexual shenanigans, girl drama, stalking…you name it, it was there! At first, I really wasn’t sure what in the world I was reading, but a quarter of the way in, it started to shed some light. It ended way differently than I expected…in ways I would never have anticipated.

Swallow (Low) Morrison is a young, impressionable teenager who finds herself drawn to the enigmatic character of Freya Light. Freya recently moved to town with her husband, the ex-hockey player who had ultimately killed another player years before. Freya and Max had moved to this island in an attempt to start fresh and enjoy their new life, but, as always, there are many secrets. Enter another recently moved couple, Jamie and Brian, who are also looking for a new start after infertility issues. The circle becomes very cloudy and convoluted as the story unfolds and secrets unravel.

This is a great one to add to your tbr list so run grab it today!

*I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.


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