Winter In Paradise review

By Erin Hilderbrand

My goodness…another fantastic read from the great @elinhilderbrand !! As you all know I had a slow reading month for October, but I’m trying to play catch-up this month. I started with this series and am LOVING IT!!! It took me a while to get to this series, but I’m so glad I did! One down, two or go!

This was such a fantastic read to start off a series! I truly enjoyed learning about the messy events that led to this family’s grief, discovery, and exploration of themselves! What a phenomenal opportunity to grow!

Irene and her town boys were shocked to learn Russ, Irene’s husband and the boys;’s father, was killed in a helicopter crash, but even more devastated to learn where he was and why. The secrets of his life begin to unravel and with that comes clarity, newfound friendships, love and the new outlook on life that the family takes on!

If you have never read a book by Elin Hilderbrand, you should definitely run, don’t walk, to the nearest bookstore or library and grab one fo hers today…and this is a great one to start with!


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