The Viscount Who Loved Me review

By Julia Quinn

As most everyone else these days, I have discovered the new Bridgerton Series on Netflix, based on the romance novels written by Julia Quinn. Typical fashion of a book lover, I had to go grab these books that were all the rage, and get started. There was no way that I could watch without reading first. Well, they are all the rage…and for good reason! They are filled with humor, romance, mystery…they’re amazing!

SLIGHT SPOILER HERE: PROCEED WITH CAUTION: In the Bridgerton family, there is a tradition…you name all the kids in alphabetical order. And with 8 children, it made sense. In the first book in the series, we follow Daphne, the eldest daughter, on her journey to discover true love and ultimately fall in love and marry a Duke. In this 2nd book, we revisit the family for a walk with the oldest son, Anthony, as he faces his duty to marry, but refuses to do so for love, or so he thinks. As is usual with romance novels, this one has it all…humor, romance, trials, tribulations, and long-lasting love!

If you have not had the luxury of reading any of these books yet, you absolutely must proceed with haste to your nearest bookstore and grab them…you will be enthralled with the rest of us…and of course ready for the next season of the series!


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