An Offer From A Gentleman review

By Julia Quinn

I am happy to report that I completed the 3rd Bridgerton series book in a day and was pleasantly surprised! I cannot say that it was my favorite of the three, but it was a fantastic book!

Benedict, the 2nd to the oldest son, is featured in the 3rd book of the series. He finds true love at a masquerade ball hosted by his mother, however, as you well know, masquerade balls often require you to wear a mask, which Sophie did. In similar happenstance to Cinderella, because Sophie was not technically invited to the ball, she had to leave no later than midnight, leaving Benedict unable to determine her true identity. In a turn of events, he happens upon her a few years later, unbeknownst to him, and cannot shake the feeling he has seen or met her before, and the magical feelings that he has in her presence.

Following Daphne, then Anthony, Benedict’s journey to find true love was a rocky one, but it ended beautifully, as anticipated! I have said it before, and I will repeat it…grab this series!

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