The Beau & The Belle review

By R.S. Grey

Most anyone who knows me, knows that I love anything New Orleans, romance, and reading…add them together, and you have a 5-star rating! This one certainly is. I discovered the author, R.S. Grey, about a year ago when another reading blog, LaLaLifeBookClub, turned me on to her books. I loved that every one that I read seemed to read quickly. I didn’t want to put them down, I always wanted to read more, and I loved them all. So, when I discovered this little beauty was set in NOLA, I had to grab it!

This book was no disappointment! I loved that it incorporated a hurricane, because that’s, unfortunately, what NOLA is known for. I also loved revisiting NOLA in this book, as there were accurate locations and descriptions mentioned in the book…and let’s face it, with COVID, who knows when we can return for a visit!

Beau and Lauren are featured in this story and their tale is sweet and romantic, just as I would expect it to be. Beau was a Tulane Law student renting a room from Lauren’s parents. But being a junior in high school left her off limits to Beau, until she returned to the Crescent City 10 years later!

You can download these books for Free if you have Kindle Unlimited, or you can purchase and download them on Amazon! Grab your copy today!


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