Everything You Want Me To Be review

By Mindy Mejia

I must say…this book, while predictable, kept me interested. Unfortunately, life got in the way of a quick read, but this book kept me coming back for more. It did have quite a bit of predictability, yet at times took a different path than I expected.

Hattie Hoffman was a senior in high school and had dreams of moving to New York after graduation to become an actress. She participated in plays at school and locally, and was a home town star. But when she discovers she has feelings for her new English teacher, things take a drastic turn, and ultimately, she ends up dead. But there are a few suspects and no real leads.

Sadly, the main reason I gave this book a 4-star rating was mainly because I never could quite find myself liking the main character. I struggled to like her and often stayed slightly angry with her. However, I chose to think of this as a situation that if I hadn’t bought into the book, I wouldn’t have even had that type of response to the character to begin with.

If you are looking for something with a little small town mystery, grab this one!


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