Heart Bones review

Colleen Hoover weaves magic with her writing. Everything she creates is magic, pure and simple. If you’re looking for a quick romantic read, she always has a book waiting for you! I absolutely fell in love with Verity and kept picking up her books along the way! Verity, along with It Ends With Us, November 9, Without Merit, All Your Perfects, and now Heart Bones…they’re all fantastic!

In Heart Bones, Beyah comes home from work to discover her mother, who is an addict, dead. Leaving her with no one else to tun to, she contacts her dad in Texas and moves from Kentucky to Texas overnight. Secrets build up between her and her father, whom she barely knows, but Sampson, her next door neighbor, also shares secrets, which bring them together and form an unbreakable bond between them.

This is a heart-rendering “rags to riches” story that you don’t want to miss! Grab the latest copy today!


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