The Wife Upstairs review

by Rachel Hawkins

My Thoughts:

First, you meet Jane, who clearly has secrets she doesn’t want shared. She is a dog-walker in a gated community made up of many folks who have lots of money. But Jane isn’t her real name, and this isn’t her real life…well, for now it is. But when she happens upon Eddie Rochester, a rich widow, her luck begins to change…or does it? Soon after meeting him, she discovers that his wife had drowned in a boating accident with her friend, where neither had been found, but both were presumed dead. But as Jane and Eddie begin to fall in love, things start to fall apart. And is Eddie to blame? How about the friend’s husband? Who should Jane trust?

This is really a great book, but I will admit, I never really found myself liking Jane’s character, so when things began to turn in certain ways throughout the book, I really wasn’t invested in her coming out on top, necessarily. If you are looking for a quick-witted, fast-reading, thriller that will leave you guessing until the end, this is your book!


6 thoughts on “The Wife Upstairs review

  1. Great review! This has been sitting on my tbr but, sadly, it hasn’t really been a high priority. 😆


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